MaxGear Inc. - Professional Climbing Gear



Equipment that keeps you not only safe, but also comfortable at height!

We at MaxGear work hard every day to keep you safe and comfortable at height. Every one of our products is made by hand. As a grass roots company we keep in touch with what is happening in the field, so when you order a MaxGear product, you get something you need and has been proven to work; not something that just looks fancy.

  • Our equipment has been selected, designed, engineered, fabricated, and tested rigorously to meet your demands.
  • Selection is based on standards, your application, and conditions.
  • Designed through experience and discussions on how to improve the product. We work to set a new standard; not just to meet one.
  • Engineered by calculating, drafting, and implementation of pieces that need to be combined to get the best end result.
  • Fabrication using experts who love their trade and understand the quality we demand from them.
  • Tested by ourselves (no we are not crazy), through notified bodies, and laboratories around the world.

When buying a MaxGear product we want you to be safe and comfortable not only through getting the best equipment possible but also through education. Keep an eye out for our open house training days. Thank you for your trust and we hope you will enjoy using some of the best made equipment in the world!

Yours, the MaxGear Team!


Our packages have been set up with years of experience and put together to keep you not only safe, but also comfortable. Our selection doesn't consist out of two lines; cheap or expensive. No, our packages are selected with equipment made by the best and under strict guidelines. The packages have been put together with products that work in synergy and are ideal for the use indicated. You can't choose between cheaper or expensive when it comes to safety at height!

Why use a packaged system?

  • Each item has its own place in the system and works efficiently and safely in that system.
  • Equipment is tagged to combine all pieces together in the package.
  • Equipment is logged for traceability and identification of use.
  • Each package comes with a sheet that identifies each item in the system.
  • Each packaged system has been selected with care and tested on functionality, efficiency, durability and strength with weight and ease of use in mind.

Why should I not create my own system by selecting pieces of equipment?

Although products are certified and meet a standard this does not mean they are guaranteed to work safely together. Two individual items together, even though they are safe on their own, can still be deadly in combination.

Products are, unfortunately, designed and tested to meet a standard and not actually tested as a system in the "real" world. Therefore creating individual objects that pass a standard but when used improperly in the field can be dangerous and can cause serious injuries.

When you build your own system you are fully liable if it doesn't work.

Why buy a MaxGear package?

  • Inspection and Maintenance sheets are provided.
  • Certificate of conformity is provided identifying each item and its certification.
  • Every package has components that are guaranteed to work together.
  • Training is laid out and available with approved partners.
  • Each packaged system comes with a manual.

Packages Systems give piece of mind, are easy to use, tested, and safe. They improve productivity and are often safer as well as more cost efficient than standard equipment.

Training is essential before working at height. Make sure there is a risk assessment prior to a job to identify all hazards and have a pro-active rescue plan that can be deployed at any time for every location.