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PPE Inspection

We at MaxGear care about the products we make and want you to care for them too.

Inspection is one of your most important tools against failure of your Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). It should be done each time you are going to use the PPE and as minimum once a year as a thorough examination. Keeping records of this inspection of your PPE is a must.

If at any time you have any doubt, do not use the product, set it aside and ask a competent person that has received our training.
Training can be provided by us and is recommended for anyone responsible for maintaining PPE.
To help you out with your inspection of our manufactured PPE we provide the following inspection check list. These lists are not all inclusive and should be used as a guideline. At any time it is important to keep track where equipment has been used to make sure the PPE remains fit for use. If history isn't known a product has to be deem unsafe!

PPE Checklists:

These lists are copyright protected and are only intended for personal use, they are not intended for resale or commercial use.


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